18 chapters of Gita : 15th chapter

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18 chapters of Gita : 15th chapter
15th chapter

Its name is Purushottam Yoga.

In this the world is described as Ashwattha.

This Ashwattha form world is of great expanse. There is no end to it in time and space.

But the root or center of this, which is called Urdhva, is Brahma, on the one hand that supreme effulgence, which gives rise to the universal form of Ashvattha, manifests itself in the form of the sun and the moon, on the other hand it is in the same conscious center or being.

has come in the body.

As it is clearly stated in the Gita –

aham vaishvanaro bhutva praninam dehmashritah (15.14).

There is no greater mystery than Vaishvanara or Pranamayai consciousness.

There are three male or male characters - Kshar, Akshar and Avyaya. The name of the Panchabhutas is Kshar, the name of Prana is Akshar and the noun of Manastattva or Consciousness is Avyaya.

Human consciousness is born from the combined state of these three males, that is what the sages have called Vaishvanar Agni.

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