18 chapters of Gita : 18th chapter

Anfostar Team Mon Sep 19, 2022
18 chapters of Gita : 18th chapter
18th chapter

The noun of Moksha Sannyasa is Yoga. It contains the essence and conclusion of all the teachings of the Gita.

Here again forcefully the importance of three gunas for human life has been said.

There is no one among the human beings of earth and the gods of heaven who is spared from these three modes of nature.

It is necessary for man to run after seeing a lot so that he can save his intellect and instinct from evil and can recognize what is work, what is ineffective.

The intellect which properly recognizes Dharma and Adharma, Bandha and Moksha, Vritti and Nivritti, is the same intellect and that is the true achievement of man.

In this way, by preaching the practical way of life, the Lord has said in the end that one should follow all the dealings of the world with truth, which is the unbroken conscious element, which is called Ishvara, who is the heart or soul of every living being.

Sit in the center, have faith in it, feel it.

He is the being of the soul, he is the consciousness and he is the source of supreme bliss.

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