18 chapters of Gita : Chapter Seven

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18 chapters of Gita : Chapter Seven
Chapter Seven

The noun of Gyan Vigyan is Yoga. These are two definitions of ancient Indian philosophy. Among them also the word science was very important from the Vedic point of view.

The knowledge of the multiplicity of the universe is science and progress from multipleness to oneness is knowledge.

Both these views are appropriate for human beings.

In this context, from the point of view of science, the definite explanation of these two forms of Apara and Para Prakriti, which has been given here by the Gita, is definitely worth noting.

There are eight elements in Apara Prakriti, Panchabhuta, mind, intellect and ego.

The egg from which a human is born. These eight live in it. But it is a Prakrit canto, that is, it is the root.

In this the consciousness that comes from the contact of God's effort is called Para Prakriti; That is the living being.

When combined with the eight elements, life becomes the ninth element.

Many forms of God have been mentioned in this chapter, whose further detail comes in the tenth chapter called Vibhutyog. Here there is also a mention of the special Bhagwati vision, whose sutra-Vasudeva:

Sarvamiti, there is only one deity in all Vasus or bodies, whose name is Vishnu. But according to one's own interest in the world, the same deity is worshiped in many names and forms. they are all fine.

But it is better that a wise man should recognize that Brahmatattva which is the highest peak of spiritual learning.

I am also the five elements, mind and intellect. I am the creator of the world and I am also the destroyer.

Whatever way my devotees may worship, but ultimately they are received by me.

I remain unmanifested by Yogamaya and fools only think of me as ordinary human beings.

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