18 chapters of Gita : Chapter ten

Anfostar Team Mon Sep 19, 2022
18 chapters of Gita : Chapter ten
Chapter ten

The name of the tenth chapter is Vibhutyog.

Its essence is that all the gods in the world are the manifestations of the same God, all the qualities and demerits of man are forms of the power of God.

These little gods may be explained by their intellect, but they are there in the world.

Somebody is worshiping Peepal.

Some mountain, some river or sea, some fish, turtles living in them. There is no end to how many deities there are.

This abundance of gods is found everywhere in the history of the world.

Accepting their existence, the Bhagwats gave a new vision of coordination by considering everyone as the form of Vishnu.

The name of this is Vibhutyog.

All the living beings who are strong or have miracles are the form of God. By accepting this, the mind reaches an uncontested state.

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