18 chapters of Gita : Eighth chapter

Anfostar Team Mon Sep 19, 2022
18 chapters of Gita : Eighth chapter
Eighth chapter

The noun letter is Brahmayoga. In the Upanishads there was an expansion of alphabetical science. The essence of that alphabet has been said in the Gita - Akshar Brahm is Paramam, that is, the noun letter of Parabrahm.

Spirituality is the name of the combined creation of man, that is, the soul and the body.

The noun for the combined physical body of the living entity is Kshar and the noun of the only Shakti element is Adhidaivaka.

The way in which these three energies, Jiva, Ishwar and Bhoot work together within the body, it is called Adyajna.

The Gitakar has tied the form of these six definitions in two verses (8.3-4). In the words of the Gita Om is the monolithic Brahma (8.13).

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