18 chapters of Gita : Ninth chapter

Anfostar Team Mon Sep 19, 2022
18 chapters of Gita  : Ninth chapter
Ninth chapter

It is called Rajaguhyayoga, that is, it is a knowledge of spiritual science and this occult knowledge is the best of all.

The word king also had a meaning of mind.

Therefore, how to make the transcendental powers of the mind Brahmamya, the only method is Rajvidya.

In this field, the manifestation of the Brahma-tattva is the predominant one, from which the manifest world is created again and again.

All the rituals of the Vedas, sacrifice, nectar and death, saints and dissenters, and all the gods and goddesses, are all in Brahman.

The various types of worship that are prevalent in the world are also correct in their respective places, this vision of coordination was acceptable to the Bhagwat Acharyas, in fact it was their great power. The idea or explanation of this approach is found in the Tenth Chapter.

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