18 chapters of Gita: fifth chapter

Anfostar Team Mon Sep 19, 2022
18 chapters of Gita: fifth chapter
fifth chapter

In the fifth chapter called Karma Sannyasa Yoga, again those same tips are mentioned in more firm form.

In this, special attention has been given to the relation of mind with karma, its sanskar or its purification.

It has also been said that there is no difference between Sankhya and Yoga after reaching the highest level.

If you walk properly on any one path, you get the same result.

By surrendering all the actions of life, one reaches the pole of peace and does not get engrossed in the water of action like a lotus blooming in water.

Lord Shri Krishna describes Karmayoga and Sadhu Purush in this chapter.

And it is said that I live equally in every creature of the universe, so the creature should be samadar.

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