3 Wwe Superstars in Wrestlemania 39 will may be fight against Bobby Lashly

Jekesh Jangir Wed Mar 15, 2023
3 Wwe Superstars in Wrestlemania 39 will may be fight against Bobby Lashly

Wrestlemania 39 is coming and things are getting clear day by day and only few days left for the Wrestlemania 39 and everybody is waiting for this Awesome movement, Because this is the Biggest Event of year and also every Wwe Superstar wants to enter in this Event.

But, before Wrestlemania 39 company is suffering from some problems and these problems are related to Superstars. Wwe was planned a match between Bobby Lashly and Bray Wyatt for Wrestlemania 39 and now the problem is coming for the company, Because Wwe is planning every small thing for Wrestlemania 39 to make it awesome and memorable and when a small thing is missing from planned things and after that the whole plan looks like disturbing.

The problem is like that, According to many reports Bray Wyatt cant take part in Wrestlemania 39 becouse of some reasons and they also going to miss this Wrestlemania 39.

Bobby Lashly was almost confirm this talk after tweeting on his account and now in Wwe many Superstars are ready to fight against Bobby Lashly.

Some names are coming out of some Wwe Superstars that may be they have much chances to fight against Bobby Lashly and here are the names Given below:- 

#1. Matt Cardona

#2. Uncle Howdy

#3. LA Knight 

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