4 WWE Superstars who could be given a big push after SummerSlam 2023

Jekesh Jangir Sat Jul 29, 2023
4 WWE Superstars who could be given a big push after SummerSlam 2023

The build-up of SummerSlam 2023 is currently going on in WWE.  Since, SummerSlam is considered one of the biggest events in WWE.  This is the reason why many big storylines are being seen during the build-up of this event.

 WWE is leaving no stone unturned to give a big push to the Superstars who are going to compete in SummerSlam 2023.  However, there are some superstars who are being ignored at the moment. 

In this article, we are going to mention 4 such WWE Superstars who can get a big push after SummerSlam 2023.

#1. & #2. Indian WWE Superstars Veer Mahaan & Sanga could be given a big push after SummerSlam 2023

 Indian Superstars Sanga & Veer Mahan are currently a part of WWE Raw.  At this time, both these superstars cannot be used properly in the red brand.  However, there is a possibility that after SummerSlam 2023, both these superstars could start getting a big push.

 This is because WWE is going to hold a live event in India in the month of September.  Since Veer Mahan & Sanga are Indian Superstars, it is possible that WWE could give these two Superstars a chance to gain momentum by giving them a big push.  It is also possible that WWE may surprise Sanga & Veer Mahan by making them Tag Team Champions.

#3. Jimmy Uso, brother of WWE Superstar Roman Reigns

 A few weeks ago, Jimmy Uso was viciously attacked by Roman Reigns and Solo Sequoia.  Jimmy Uso has not appeared on WWE TV since then.  If rumors are to be believed, Jimmy Uso may finally make a surprise return at the SummerSlam 2023 event.

Let us tell you, Jay Uso is going to get a chance to fight a match against Roman Rance in SummerSlam 2023 and it is more likely that Roman will win this match.  If seen, Jimmy Uso has also become an enemy of the Tribal Chief at this time.  This is the reason why it is possible that after SummerSlam, WWE may give a big push to Jimmy Uso and present him as the next challenger of Roman Reigns.

 #4. WWE Superstar LA Knight

L.A. Knight is yet to receive any special bookings from WWE.  Despite this, he has become very popular among fans at present and fans are demanding WWE to give LA Knight a big push. 

However, WWE has so far been ignoring the demands of the fans, and this has angered many fans.  If reports are to be believed, WWE might give LA Knight a big push after SummerSlam.

If this happens, then L.A. Knight can finally be entered in the title picture.  Let me tell you, LA Knight was recently out of the race to join the US Championship match due to his defeat in the Fatal 4-Way match. 

However, if L.A. Knight gets a big push after SummerSlam, it is possible that he could be lucky enough to become the US Champion.

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