4 WWE Superstars whose push the company should not delay at all

Jekesh Jangir Wed Aug 02, 2023
4 WWE Superstars whose push the company should not delay at all

The current roster of WWE is looking much better.  Till a few years back, the company did not have that many good wrestlers.  Now the competition among the stars has increased in WWE and many wrestlers seem all set for the big push.  However, it depends on the company that which stars will be pushed.

 At this time in WWE, some superstars are working hard to gain momentum.  Some, on the other hand, seem all set to go over the top.  That's why in this article we will talk about 4 WWE Superstars, in whose push the company should not delay at all.

#1. WWE Superstar LA Knight Ready For Push

L.A. Knight is well-liked by the fans and is one of the most popular wrestlers in the company at the moment.  Knight has all the qualities to be a top star.  He has good looks, awesome body, mic skills and wrestling style.  Due to all these reasons, he has been successful in becoming a fan favourite.

 Knight is not being given a good push right now but he looks all set to make his way to the top.  For this reason, it is felt that now the company should focus on making L.A. Knight the next top star.  Some reports suggest that Knight may get better booking by the company after SummerSlam 2023.  Everyone would like that this news brought by Knight should prove to be completely correct.

#2. & #3. Veer Mahan and Sanga (Indus Sher)

Veer Mahan and Sanga were brought to the main roster in Draft 2023 along with Jinder Mahal.  Both the wrestlers have immense talent and have impressed in the number of opportunities they have been given.  However, he has not been seen on TV for the past few weeks.  WWE should give push to both these stars.

 Right now there is a dearth of serious tag teams in the company and Indus Sher team can fill this gap.  For this reason, he should be booked on TV continuously by WWE. 

With this, they will be able to gain momentum and seeing the opportunity, WWE can also book them in the championship storyline by promoting them in the tag team division.  The company must not delay the push of Indian wrestlers.

 #4. Solo Sequoia

Solo Sequoia has made a huge impact in the last one year.  He has benefited from being with Roman Reigns and Bloodline.  Solo Sequoia has adapted to his character better than before and his menacing style is loved by the fans.  Sequoia looks like a future World Champion.

 Despite this, the biggest question remains in the minds of the fans that what would be the right time to push Sequoia.  If seen, Sequoia is all set to become a top star and has the momentum.  In such a situation, WWE should not make any delay in giving them a push.

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