AEW Double Or Nothing 2020: Cody Vs. Lance Archer Full Recap, Cody Becomes The TNT Champion

Jitendra Jangir Sun May 24, 2020
AEW Double Or Nothing 2020: Cody Vs. Lance Archer Full Recap, Cody Becomes The TNT Champion
Lance Archer performed some incredible and massive shots on Cody but that did not win him the championship. Meanwhile, Roberts also made his way to distract from ringside but Tyson soon blocked him to make a save for Cody. At the end Cody led his move to win the match.

We started he things off with Cody, Lance Archer in the ring while, Mike Tyson was outside of the ring observing everything from there. Lance Archer with a massive Choke Slam on Cody and that's how he made a tremendous first impression on Tyson!.

Tyson was standing out observing the every close moves from both of them, Lance grabbed Cody and landed his move, he went to cath Cody for the cover but Cody made A fortunate roll for Cody was all that separated Lance From immediately taking home the TNT Championship!.

Lance got him back into the ring, Lace at the top of the ring rope, he held Cody's hand and ran upon the rope for a little, Lance then jumped to make his move. It was becoming harder for Cody to get back in the match, Lance again caught Cody on his hands and sent him through the ring camera.

Cody with a Crossface, and wrapped Archer's hair around his head, Roberts meanwhile had the interruption from the ringside, Cody performed a DDT on Archer and went to star down Roberts who again tried to make his way to the ring, the referee stopped him at once.

Cody looked to perform the submission move, just after a spine buster from Archer, Roberts has something in his hands, he tried to big the abstraction for Cody but this time we witnessed Tyson blocked his way and put off his jersey to make the save for Cody and then Cody would have his move to win the match.

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