AEW Double Or Nothing 2020: Full Recap For Stadium Stampede, The Elite Wins

Jitendra Jangir Sun May 24, 2020
AEW Double Or Nothing 2020: Full Recap For Stadium Stampede, The Elite Wins
Just to clarify, Stadium Stampede was taped last night at TIAA Field Bank, the stadium of nearly 50-yard line was covered for the ring with Falls Count Anywhere, and No DQs match. It was already stipulated as the main event of the Double Or Nothing.

Justin Roberts was there to introduce both the teams, they made their appearances like football players typically do with jerseys on. cheerleaders also made their way in the stadium. Roberts went to introduce Hangman Page but he did not appear at that time.

Four referees let the match began, at the hearing, they all rushed with their own-brought weapons, Omega with a broom. Suddenly, Hangman Page appeared coming on a horse. This just made the match more interesting. Page continued to chasing Guevara right off the field.

Matt Jackson risked it all in this Stadium Stampede Match!by launching himself on Inner Circle. Omega with a snapdragon on Ortiz, Hager with a big slam to Omega, Guevara with a shooting star press but could not make it through. Inner Circle was completely under the descriptions.

Now, we came around the pool segment that was freaking amazing, two members of Inner Circle caught Matt Hardy inside the pool and tied to drown him in there. They suddenly saw something in the watch which led Matt to get back into the action, Matt Hardy hit both of them, but sooner Inner Circule again advanced in the match, they continued to run shots on Matt Hardy.

The camera turned towards Hager who cleared the bar with the whole body of Adam Page. Meanwhile, we got to see THE WICKED WIZARD RETURNED! to action.

Omega with a v-trigger, one-winged angel, Omega went for the pin to win the match and that how they ended an incredible showdown in the history of wrestling.

Winners : Matt Hardy & The Elite, victory followed by pinfall

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