AEW Double Or Nothing: Jon Moxley (c) Vs. Brodie Lee Full Recap

Jitendra Jangir Sun May 24, 2020
AEW Double Or Nothing: Jon Moxley (c) Vs. Brodie Lee Full Recap
We knew that this was gonna be a fight! Both men are out to prove a point!, Dash introduced Lee and Moxley!.

Jon Moxley (c) and Brodie Lee fought off the outside of the ring, they went for the exchanges of body shots, Jon with Headbutt threw him a little back, Mox looked for the German Suplex but Lee blocked it and sent Mox through the barricade, now Lee on the strick landing some punches on Mox.

Lee took him above the steel chair to have Powebomb but Mox would turn to make dash him down on the trash. Mox was on the complete lead over Lee, Mox with some shots, they both fought at the top of the entrance, Lee got back into the match and tied to have his move on the apron but Mox blocked it to instead have Paradigm Shift through the entrance ramp!.

The ramp was entirely damaged by the Paradigm Shift as they both went through inside it, Mox lee recovered and went for the cover but Lee kicked out at one. Moxley with huge elbows and knees, landed another paradigm shift, Lee kicked out at two again.

Mox continued to have damages, later we saw Lee was declining, the referee checked on him, and called for the bell. Thus Moxley retained the title.

After the match Jon Moxley went near to the camera to send a message to the all that "Keep your distance from the AEW world Champion, if you know what's good for you".

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