AEW Top 10 Most Followed Superstars On Twitter

Anfostar Team Tue Apr 13, 2021
AEW Top 10 Most Followed Superstars On Twitter
All Elite Wrestling is hitting a great success in the circulation of Wrestling. All Elite Wrestling is becoming the most valued wrestling promotion.

All Elite Wrestling, LLC (AEW) is an American professional wrestling promotion founded in 2019. Professional wrestlers Cody, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, and Kenny Omega, collectively known as The Elite, are serving as both in-ring performers and executive vice presidents for the promotion.

We could stipulate at some extend that It's a promotion which has traded on a short journey so far and will take a little time to make it worldwide but with the kind of acknowledgment from Fans, it seems that it will take massive jump then any other wrestling promotion has ever taken in their beginning.

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There have been plenty of Wrestlers in AEW but certain have remarked the milestone with their social media activation, the one who did great wrestling throughout his career has earned a lot of fame from his fans all around the world and that is Chris Jericho. Then we come to talk about the current AEW Dynamite champion Jon Moxley who has also pursued his career alongside Chris Jericho and few others, and now he is taking a prominent success in AEW.

After Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley we led to Cody Rhodes, Matt hardy, Brodie Lee, and among others. You believe or not but social media breaks out with the most exciting news. It a place feuds are created and they turn out to be the fight with an instant. The source of a wide range of coverage which taps out every day with cost-giving concern.

This card was last updated on July 24, 2020.

S.No. Account name Username Followers Following
1 Chris Jericho IAmJericho 3.6M 1,773
2 Matt Cardona TheMattCardona 2.2M 1,150
3 #BROKEN Matt Hardy MATTHARDYBRAND 1.4M 1,313
4 Cody CodyRhodes 975.8k 455
5 Jake Hager RealJakeHager 958.1k 1,431
6 Jon Moxley JonMoxley 726.5k 0
7 Dustin Rhodes dustinrhodes 684.2k 887
9 Brodie Lee ThisBrodieLee 512.5k 203
10 Kenny Omega KennyOmegamanX 448.8k 379

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