AJ Styles Reveals, He Was So Jealous Of Everyone Else Whoever Had The Opportunity To Get In The Ring With The Undertaker

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 23, 2020
AJ Styles Reveals, He Was So Jealous Of Everyone Else Whoever Had The Opportunity To Get In The Ring With The Undertaker
AJ Styles joined Matt Camp and Ryan Pappolla of WWE’s The Bump to break down the fifth episode of Undertaker: The Last Ride.

we went to dive deep into the final chapter of the last ride in your relationship with The Undertaker. But before we do that a lot of people shocked by what they just saw, what was AJ Styles reaction what he saw as chapter five came to a close?

AJ Styles said, "Close the words of energy. I don't know. I was I was a little emotional, You know that knowing everything the Undertaker is done not only for me, but for this business that were in it's got a sad, you know, but you're also very proud especially for my myself that I had the opportunity to be in that last match for him. You know, it's just all these different emotions. I'm sure that everyone has.

Matt Camp asked "The first hints we get of you to eventually wrestling is when taker is at the gorilla position. I'm loyal Roble 2018. He's watching you and this is when of course Michelle is in the women's Royal Rumble making your come back there for that and he compliments and Compares you to Shawn Michaels". How do you feel about getting compared to other wrestlers other Legends and does that ring a little differently when taker makes that comparison knowing the history. He's had with Shawn Michaels".

AJ Styles added, " It's a huge compliment to be compared to Shawn Michaels. IThis guy's showstopper. Mr. WrestleMania, like all these things as compared to them in any kind of way is awesome. I mean, I'm always trying to be AJ Styles, but there are certain things about some reformers that remind you of others and that's a good thing. I don't think that's a bad thing at all. You know, you're always trying to be yourself if you can take from well. Thanks for everyone else make yourself better. That's what I try to do".

Matt Camp asked AJ Styles further, when that came up in the documentaries that the first time you had heard that before he hardly ever had those conversations before that about the comparisons to shawn that".

AJ added, "That was the first time I heard it for peel and I've heard other people say some things coming from that's he's been in the ring with Shawn Michaels at my opinion had I think with the best matches he's ever had Shawn Michaels. I love everything about that magically Neil and Sean it just the whole things about it made it amazing".

Matt camp further asked, "So another part of this journey between you and him is we fast forward to September of 2019. He's appearing in MSG and after that he says I don't have to wrestle anymore then we see his appearance on broken skull session with Stone Cold and as you said it sounded like he was at least thinking about coming back. Did you have to work yourself up to make the phone call to throw out the idea of doing something with him at WrestleMania? Look buddy. I'm on your chat about it".

AJ Styles reacted, "He actually was like, hey man, did you see that? Let's go. Have you had a talk with The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin the don't know so and I were just talking about he said yeah, that's really cool to have one that you should see if you get that nothing? I don't know man out of it the more we talked about. You know, what all he can say is enough. I'm gonna call Taker and they see if there's some people eat something even think about it. So that's how it all started.".

Ryan Pappolla asked, "In this chapter,. We see Undertaker's process after you make that initial call. I'm curious. Did you have any process after that first call to you and make her to talk again in the process of him making his decision to talk to anyone else in the company, or is it just about wedding Undertaker kind of going through that process and let him come to that decision."

AJ Styles added, "eah. I mean, it's all about the other takers, you know, but he wants to do it. That's really the only person that I need to convince and it wasn't about convincing people just say In that amen. I would love to be able to have that if you're going to have our last match, I would love to be considered and that and watching shawl and like you do the commission you guys had it and just things like the smaller guys you have better chemistry and until I just kicked around a lot of things that positive things about why this could give it Bagent Oakley that could you know Steer him in the right direction be like to have that magic rustling. sell many".

Matt Camp with another question to AJ Styles, "connection figured you probably know about it, but lesbian not you both actually use the version of the same theme song. You used it at one point in your career. It was used for one of his WrestleMania up Robos the evil Way song, but had you thought at any point in time that this would be possible was it you no reason that you came to WWE be saying, you know what maybe at some point I can get to the Undertaker".

AJ Styles said, "never I was so jealous of everyone else whoever had the opportunity to get in the ring with the Undertaker. I just there's so much to learn from this man, and I've heard so many great things from guys when I wasn't in the Wi-Fi, you have the chance to work with their own man with you because of your hope you ever get the chance to make the other you're such an awesome guy such a leader. He's the judge man these and so all these things and the first time and I've been trying to remember the first time I actually got to sit down and talk to it though. this one just use my friends was calling Mark, you know, so it was really is really strange, but I never thought that I have the opportunity to get in the ring".

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