AJ Styles To Confront Daniel Bryan Ahead Of Their Championship Match

Jitendra Jangir Fri Jun 05, 2020
AJ Styles To Confront Daniel Bryan Ahead Of Their Championship Match

AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan will get to confront in the ring ahead of their championship match. The date for the match is sofar under the lid.

Friday Night SmackDown kicked off from out of the WWE Performance Center where we saw an unfortunate accident happened with Elias. Later, it was known that Elias had a hit-and-run accident by Jeff Hardy who was also found immediately/

After Elias was found injured in a hit-and-run accident, Jeff Hardy’s emergence as the prime suspect creates uncertainty around the Intercontinental Championship Tournament.

Later, WWE decided that AJ Styles has officially entered in IC Championship final and there will be battle Royal to decide the opponent for Daniel Bryan. Sheamus won the battle Royal to face off Daniel.

During an IC Championship Semifinal between Daniel Bryna and Sheamus Suddenly, we spotted Jeff Hardy running out of nowhere to make the distraction to Sheamus, Daniel with his move to make the victory in the match.

Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles took very different paths to the Intercontinental Championship Tournament Finals, but they are the last two competitors remaining in what was an extremely impressive field.

What will be the ultimate view between both the superstars ahead of their championship match.

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Image Credit: WWE

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