About of Krishna

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About of Krishna
Alternate depictions of Krishna show him as a child (Bal Krishna), a child crawling on his hands and knees, dancing, stealing butter from fellow Gwal Baal (butter thief), holding laddus in his hands A supernatural baby who appears to be sucking on his toe while carrying in (Laddoo Gopal) or floating on a banyan leaf at the time of catastrophe.

(The Disintegration of the Universe as described by Rishi Markandeya) Regional variations are seen in the image of Krishna in his various forms, such as Jagannath in Odisha, Vitthal or Vithoba in Maharashtra, Shrinathji in Rajasthan, Dwarkadhish in Gujarat and Guruvairuppan in Kerala.

Which is supposed to symbolize the divine love of Radha and Krishna. He is also shown in the form of Vishwaroop in the Kurukshetra war in which he has many faces and all the people are going in his face. He is also shown with his friend Sudama which is a symbol of friendship.

Guidelines for Krishna icons and sculptures in architecture are described in medieval age Hindu temple arts such as the Vaikhanasa Agama, Vishnu Dharmatottara Purana, Brihat Samhita and Agni Purana.

Similarly, the early Tamil texts of the medieval era also include sculptures of Krishna and Rukmini. Many sculptures made as per these guidelines are in the collection of Government Museum, Chennai.

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