Adam Cole Vs. Dexter Lumis Full Recap(June 10, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jun 11, 2020
Adam Cole Vs. Dexter Lumis Full Recap(June 10, 2020)
Dexter Lumis made his way to the ring, Adam Cole with Roderick and Bobby Fish into the ring. The bail rang and they collided with a hand lock, Adam Cole with some shots into the turnbuckle, Dexter Lumis meanwhile sent him out of the ring, Adam followed the ring, where he tossed Adam Cole at the middle of the ring, A big right hand by Dexter Lumis, they fought at the top of the apron, Adam Cole a kick to take down Dexter Lumis.

Commercial Break***

After the break, we saw Adam Cole with a move to Dexter Lumis and went for the cover but had the kick out from Dexter Lumis. Adam Cole had some trash talking but Dexter Lumis had instead smile, Adam Cole with a Neckbreaker, Adam Cole with a Dropkick on his back, Adam Cole got up for another shot, Dexter Lumis on his knee smiling at Adam Cole, Dexter Lumis took Adam to make the destruction.

Now, Dexter Lumis with a German Suplex for the cover, 1,2...and kicked out at two, Dexter Lumis with another move but got a little resistant fom Adam Cole with a shot, Adam Cole with a Superkick right to Dexter Lumis' face and went for the cover but kicked out at two.

Adam Cole tried to cause the damages but Dexter Lumis forced back in the match. Dexter Lumis continued to make his way with moves. Adam Cole somehow advanced in the match as he started beating black and blue. Adam Cole tried to finish the match with his move but Dexter Lumis caught him with a tight grab looking to finish the match.

Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish brought the distraction for Dexter Lumis with a move, Adam Cole would take the advantage to end the match with his finishing move.

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