Adam Cole Vs. Keith Lee Full Match Recap, Keith Lee Wins(July 8, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jul 09, 2020
Adam Cole Vs. Keith Lee Full Match Recap, Keith Lee Wins(July 8, 2020)
Keith Lee is the new NXT Champion and still NXT North American Champion and The first WWE Superstar to ever hold both belts simultaneously.

North American Champion Keith Lee walked down into the ring, followed by the entrance from Adam Cole. The official introduced both the competitors, They both faced off each other raising their titles, Keith Lee was hyped, Adam Cole immediately caught Keith Lee into this grip, Keith Lee tried to break the hold but Adam Cole continued to make harder, Adam Cole with trash taking that you have messed with the wrong guy. Keith Lee took the controlle on Adam Cole by lifting him up for a slam, Adam Cole looked for the superkick. Keith Lee caught his leg and sent him out of the ring with a big push.

Keith Lee followed him back, Keith lee looked for the big dash but this time Adam Cole would send him into the barricade, Adam Cole took the more kicks and got Keith back into the ring. Adam Cole with Boot deriving Keith Lee into the ring rope, Adam Cole, with a chain on Keith Lee. Keith Lee felt the energy to be out of the lock but Adam Cole did not let the lock to be freed away, Adam Cole with some trash-talking, Keith Lee suddenly caught him by the throat, once again Adam Cole dashed him.

Keith Lee was back into the match going back and forth with Adam Cole, Keiht Lee went atop to the ring post, Adam Cole followed him right back making him down into the middle of the ring, Adam Cole went for the cover but Keith Lee kicked out at one. Adam Cole looked for a big slam as they both fought off at the top of the ring post, Keith suddenly caught Adam and sent him down for the cover, 1, 2, kicked out. Keith Lee with another Powerbomb for the cover 1,2...the Offical noticed Adam Cole touching the bottom rope with his finger.

There was an incredible display by Keith Lee as he went back and forth with Adam Cole, Keith Lee went up to the top rope for the moonsault for the cover, 1, 2...kicked out. Keith Lee looked for the finish, but Adam Cole fired back knocking down Keith Lee for the cover, 1, 2...kicked out the last shot.

Keith Lee with huge Clothesline to Adam Cole, Keith Lee once again at the middle of the ring, Adam Cole with a big slam for the quick cover, 1,2 and Keith Lee with a shocking kick out. Cole now prepared for the move, Adam Cole with back to back three Superkcicks and went for the cover but once again Keith Lee kicked out. Adam Cole exposed the knees and went for the drop, Adam Cole at the top of the turnbuckle, and urged Keith Lee to get up, he looked for the move but Keith Lee caught him for the big Powerbomb and then Big Bang to win the match.

Winner : Keith Lee, victory followed by pinfall

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