Alexa Bliss return on the WWE SmackDown November 29,2019

Anfostar Team Sat Nov 30, 2019
Alexa Bliss return on the WWE SmackDown November 29,2019
To be genuine, this Friday Night Smackdown has been full of new faces who were few weeks rounding up to make their possible return in-ring action. The first and foremost new face was of Sheamus and then it was Alexa Bliss who is a long-time companion with Nikki Cross and also former WWE Women's Tag Team Champions.

It just all went out of the mystery when Nikki was having to do a match with Deville and Rose where she defeated them but After the match, Deville and Rose shortly attacked Cross and completely devastated her on the ground. And the much of muchness happened that you were waiting for. Alexa Bliss made her way in-ring action as she dashed down Deville and Rose on the ring to make Nikki under the save. She ended the story by endowing a double suplex on Rose with Cross.

Bliss, who has been injured and hasn't competed since WWE Hell in a Cell when she and Cross lost the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles. Now Nikki Cross and Bliss will altogether make a collective to become ever worst tag team.

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