Andrade(US Champion) Vs. Drew McIntyre(WWE Champion) Full Recap On Raw

Jitendra Jangir Tue May 12, 2020
Andrade(US Champion) Vs. Drew McIntyre(WWE Champion) Full Recap On Raw
Earlier Angel Garza defeated Akira Tozawa, After the match Austin entered the ring and he started fighting with Angel Garza, Andrade isolated them quickly out of fighting.

The mic hit and we saw Drew McIntyre walking down to the ring. Austin confronted Drew McIntyre. Austin got Claymore kick first and then Drew landed another Claymore Kick on Angel Garza.

Drew challenged Andrade for a Champion vs. Champion match.

Drew McIntyre was extra focused in the match against as he went back and forth with some heavy shots. We saw Andrade walking under the ring, Drew bent out to take him out but Andrade with mind game attacked him.

Andrade then led the complete control on Drew McIntyre. Andrade captured Drew in his hold, Drew lift him up and sent him to the turnbuckle, Drew with a Big Boot on Andrade, Drew went atop the turnbuckle and launched himself on Andrade. Drew Looked for the DDT but Andrade block it. Andrade with Back Elbow, drew with Headbutt.

Drew with a big splash on the apron and the preparation for Clamore Kick, Andrade got up out to escape from the situation but Drew McIntyre would land Claymore Kick to win the match.

Drew McIntyre took the mic and called out Baron Corbin for a match next week on Raw.

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