Asuka Opens Up Her Unprecedented Raw Women’s Title Win

Jitendra Jangir Thu May 14, 2020
Asuka Opens Up Her Unprecedented Raw Women’s Title Win
Kayla Braxton of WWE’s The Bump sits down with the new Raw Women’s Champion to discuss the unique circumstances surrounding her title victory.

At the lobby of the WWE HQ, Asuka Jumped over the rest of the women's competitors and went to procced her way to the top.

Asuka explained if this was her plan to do so. Asuka said, "I was so determined, I danced in the balcony, and made others wonder what I was doing, and right at that moment, I made the drive".

She explained, "Then I saw Shayna coming to get me, but at that second, the elevator opened, and I made it inside, I am a genius".

Later, she explained the emotion that she felt at the end of the match. She said "I climbed up the ladder, King Corbin came too, so, I gave him a nice kick. The briefcase was so heavy, I had a hard time even holding it. But I was so happy". The view I saw from the top of the ladder, was fantastic. I am going to remember that view.

On the following Raw, Becky Lynch walked down in the ring with the briefcase, Asuka also followed the entry in the search of her briefcase. Becky Lynch revealed that Money In The Bank ladder match was a match for Raw Women's championship. Because she is going to leave WWE for a while as she is going to be mother.

Asuka explained that "I am so happy, I had so many matches with Becky Lynch, and I have a strong connection with her". "I think we both felt the same way, I think she likes to have matches with me", Asuka said this.

Asuka said, "I think she was relieved that, I got Money In The Bank, because she knew, I could take good care of it".

Asuka further went to say that "I want to become the element that makes people feels the Women's division is something that they don't ever want to miss it, I know I have been that element, Champion, I want to work on it, even harder".

Lastley, she sent a message to the rest of the women's division that "they need to be ready for Asuka".

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