Asuka Retains Raw Women's Championship In A Rematch Against Nia Jax On Raw

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 16, 2020
Asuka Retains Raw Women's Championship In A Rematch Against Nia Jax On Raw
Nia Jax the challenger for Nia Jax walked down to the ring in a rematch against Asuka. We saw Asuka also making her way up to the ring. The bail rang. Asuka with a big drop, Nia Jax with sudden Closeline to take down Asuka. We saw Asuka getting Nia Jax into the Asuka lock but Nia got out of it. Asuka looked for the hip attack but instead hung middle in the ring rope. Nia looked for Samoa Drop but Asuka with a good move grabbing her jaw.

She let Nia entre the ring, Asuka went for some shots on Nia Jax and sent her tossing though the ring rope, Asuka followed her back, Nia with a counter-attack and lif her off for the massive Powerbomb. We then went for the commercial break.

Commercial Break***

After the commercial break, Nia Jax holding Asuka around her neck, Asuka got out of it and landed a double knee, she went on the top of the turnbuckle where she was interrupted by Nia Jax, she tried to take her down but Asuka dodged her to let Jax stuck into the turnbuckle

Jax with a headbutt and then a Samoa Drop, she went for the cover but the official made the count as Asuka had her legs touched to the bottom rope, Nia Jax shoved the referee who was going to eliminate her but Asuka from behind with a roll-up, 1,2,3 and still Asuka your champion.

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Image Credit: WWE

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