Bayley And Nikki Cross Come Out In The Support For #Speakingout

Jitendra Jangir Fri Jun 19, 2020
Bayley And Nikki Cross Come Out In The Support For #Speakingout
Tt's great to state that whole WWE universal is emerging out to support speakingout Trend.

Recently, Several Superstars including Paige, Big E, Mustafa Ali, Tucker, Mia Yim, Keith Lee and so on, stood with a great support by using their social media power.

Now, SmackDown women's Champion and For Women's Tag-Team champion Nikki Cross had the right use of their social media handles to support #Speakingout trend.

Bayley added, "I truly admire those who are sharing their stories. All in hopes that it will help someone who may have similar experiences and to prevent these things from ever happening in our industry again. We’re here for you. My heart is with you all. #SpeakingOut".

While, Nikki Cross wrote, "I'm supporting #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY today because I want a kinder and safer internet. Please think before you type. You have no idea what someone is going through. Please be respectful [Red heart] That comment or post could have a devestating effect. Be better. There is no try".

As noted, WWE Superstars Matt Riddle, Ligero, and Jordan Devlin were among other superstars to be accused of sexually assaulting .

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Image Credit: WWE

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