Bayley & Sasha Banks Vs. The Kabuki Warriors Full Match Recap(July 13, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jul 14, 2020
Bayley & Sasha Banks Vs. The Kabuki Warriors Full Match Recap(July 13, 2020)
Back from the break, Bayley and Sasha Banks led us to the sneak Peek of their successive career in WWE. Now, time for the challengers as The Kabuki Warriors made their way out into the ring.

Sasha Banks and Bayley took the short cut by beating black and blue to Kairi Sane and Asuka before the referee could ring the bail. The Kabuki Warriors fired back and sent Bayley and Sasha Banks out of the ring as we went for the commercial break.

Back from the break, As Asuka and Sasha started the things off, Sasha Banks with a quick tag to Bayley, Asuka with a grab, Bayley caught Asuka to the rope to her leg, she made the tag with Sasha who caught Asuka for back to back punches and let Bayley to be into the ring, Bayley with Drops on Asuka, Dubble knees to Bayley and made the tag with Kairi Sane who fired back with a Blockbuster move and then a double spear on Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Kairi Sane with knee strick and took Bayley out of the ring, Asuka and Kairi teamed up to have a double hip attack on both of them. Asuka and Sasha Banks back into the ring action, Asuka once again with hip attack and let Kairi back into the ring, Kairi at the top of the ring post, Bayley from behind pulling off Asuka from the apron, Kairi Sane got the distraction as Sasha Banks took her down, They went out, Sasha Banks and Bayley grabbed her and sent through the glass.


Back from the break, Sasha Banks taking a grab on Kairi Sane. Banks with a tag to Bayley, Kairi Sane with a body shot but Bayley turned even more violent against her. Bayley with some shots and let Sasha Banks to be in the ring. Sasha Banks went on to tease Asuka, she with some assaulting and let once again Bayley to be in. They went for the exchange of tags, Kairi Sane with running back face hit to Sasha Banks and hit a tag with Asuka, Sasha Banks also with a tag to Bayley. Asuka with a hip attack to Bayley, and then Sasha Banks inside the ring for the save, but Asuka with double drop to both, Knee stick by Asuka to Bayley.

Bayley and Sasha Banks took the controls going back and forth with the change of tags, Asuka with Asuka lock, Bayley came for the save but Kairi Sane with Spear to send her down. Sasha Banks however got out of the lock. Asuka with a Superkick and let Kairi have the stick, Kairi Sane with a jump for the cover but Bayley pulled Sasha Banks off the ring. Kairi Sane once again at the top rope with an insane elbow for the cover but kicked out at two. Suddenly, Sasha Banks with submission move to let Kairi tap out.

Winner : Sasha Banks & Bayley, victory followed by Submission

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