Bayley and Sasha Banks defeats Lacey Evans and Naomi

Anfostar Team Sat Mar 07, 2020
Bayley and Sasha Banks defeats Lacey Evans and Naomi
Lacey Evans & Naomi entered the ring followed by Bayley & Sasha Banks behind them. The bail rang, Sasha Banks and Lacey Evans started the things off for their team. Sasha Banks attacked Lacey as the bail rang, she took Lacey into the corner and tagged with Bayley whereby they both worked as a team and hit down Lacey, Bayley went out whereby she was pushed down by Naomi, Sasha Banks came into the defense and she got her hands-on Naomi.

After the break, Shasha was capturing right leg of Lacey Evans to not let her make the tag, Lacey separated her somehow and made the tag with Naomi who entered the ring to take down Banks, Bayley came into the defense but she too pushed her out of the ring. Naomi continued to start the things off with a massive kick and she went for the cover but Bayley broke it up.

Lacey Evans entered the ring to help her teammate, she dashed down both of them. Naomi went on the top of the ring but she was confronted by Bayley where Naomi pushed her for brust with the face on. Sasha Banks was high enough to take the match on. Banks grabbed Naomi's hair and tricked her into getting her move on her to win the match.

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