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Becky Lynch Leaves WWE For A While Because She's Pregnant

Updated On: Tue May 12, 2020 By Jitendra Jangir


Becky Lynch was set to make a huge announcement tonight that she is pregnant, handing the #WWERaw Women's Championship to Asuka in the process!

We kicked the things up with Becky Lynch who had Money In The Bank contract in her hands instead of the championship. She took to the mic and said Tonight is the ordinary thing with me. Becky Lynch felt with the emotion to make the announcement and finally she said that she has to be away for a while.

Asuka entered the ring in much anger in the act of looking for her Money In The Bank contract, Becky Lynch opened the briefcase handed the Raw Women's Championship to Asuka saying that last night's match was not the match for the contract but for Raw Women's Championship. She finally handed it over to Asuka. Becky Lynch further said Asuka wants to be champion but she wants to be a mother. Asuka got happy and they hugged each other.

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