Becky Lynch takes her final debt by defeating Asuka

Anfostar Team Mon Jan 27, 2020
Becky Lynch takes her final debt by defeating Asuka
We were straight back in the ring with the another big main event of the Royal Rumble, We saw the whole story of what has gone through between both of them, The Man was ready to collect her last debt from Becky Lynch. The Music hit and here came out Asuka and Kari Sane in the ring.

The music hit and Becky Lynch entered the ring with raising her title in the air. It gotta be the most exciting match of the event, they both were introduced one by one. The bail rang and they both started circling in the ring looking at each other, back to back dropkick by The Man, Asuka put the damages on Becky Lynch. They both were using the rope turnbuckle.

Asuka was in the action to hit the kicks on Becky Lynch, Asuka with a shining knee breaker on Becky Lynch, a great job done by The Man as she went on to make her comeback. The Man took Asuka at the edge of the ring, Asuka tried to launch german suplex on Becky Lynch but she instead got dropped on the ground and them right to the barricade. Becky Lynch took Asuka in the ring and made her towards the ring post and made the high jump on Asuka, went for the cover but she kicked out at two.

Asuka wisely pushed the advantage on Becky Lynch, she took The man at the edge of the ring and hit her to the ring post, Becky Lynch somehow saved herself by kicking away Asuka at the middle of the ring. As she went on to make another move Asuka pinned The Man for submission move, Becky somehow got the strength back and hit Asuka with a massive kick. Finally, Becky Lynch hit a kick on the right on Asuka's mouth with the mist coming off her mouth and pinned Asuka in her submission to win the match.

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