Becky lynch Reveals Her Nick Name During WrestleMania 37 Press Conference At SoFi Stadium

Anfostar Team Wed Feb 12, 2020
Becky lynch Reveals Her Nick Name During WrestleMania 37 Press Conference At SoFi Stadium
Welcome to Anfostar_As we earlier noted that WWE held the WrestleMania 37 press conference earlier today at SoFi Stadium & Hollywood Park in Inglewood, California with WWE Chief Brand Officer Steph McMahon, Becky and Roman Reigns in appearance.

During the press conference Becky Lynch revealed her nickname when a media person commented on the fight between the two on last Monday night Raw. Becky said "Yeah, just call me The Vampire Slayer,".

Last Monday Night Raw we observed that Becky lynch defeated Asuka retaining her title but After the match, we saw Shayna Besler came in the ring by attacking The Man from behind, Shayna bites Becky Lynch from behind the neck. Becky Lynch started bleeding as we saw Shayna had the blood in her mouth. The referee isolated Shayna sending her out. Local medician came to treat Becky Lynch.

You can observe below in the tweet that Becky was wearing a bandage to cover her would be caused by Shayna Baszlar, One interviewer asked her if she is felling well after she was attacked by Shayna. she said "Yeah, it's a little saucy", but I got some good painkillers. "I'm going alright."

Then she was asked about her bite to be real which revealed in a kind of answer that "Yeah, just call me The Vampire Slayer," members of the media, pointed towards the bite that if it was a "legal" in a WWE. Becky Lynch said, "It's not a legal move, but it wasn't in a match,". I had just completed a match, I completed a very hard-fought match. I was exhausted at the end of that. That was one of the toughest victories that I've ever pulled out. It was a match that I was very happy with, very proud of, and to have it ruined like that, to have it ruined by Shayna, somebody who wanted to make a name for herself.

"But that's it, that's what people do. That's what people have done since the moment I stepped in WWE. People have been trying to make a name for themselves off my back." Lastly, she was asked about if she looking for the revenge, then she revealed that "Ya" she is looking for that

According to the rumours WWE is planning for Shayna Baszlar vs. Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 37 and they are planning to extend their feud while Becky will not be any longer seen with Asuka as WWE has planned to close their feud. Becky Lynch can be seen during NXT Takeover: Portland to answer Shayna.

Shayna Baszlar also took her twitter to reply about Becky's nickname. Below is the tweet.

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