Bhagavad Gita Message Summary 1

Anfostar Team Tue Sep 20, 2022
Bhagavad Gita Message Summary 1
Bhagavad Gita Message Summary: The teaching of the Gita is a very ancient yoga.

Sri Bhagavan says that I first said this to the sun.

The sun is a symbol of knowledge, so the words of the Supreme Personality of Godhead mean that even before the origin of the earth, I have given this knowledge to the devotees who researched many forms.

It is God's voice which contains the essence and basis of all life.

Who am I? What is this body? Do I have a beginning and an end with this body? Will I exist after leaving my body? Where and in what form will it exist? What is the reason for my coming into the world? What will happen after I leave my body, where will I go? These things keep revolving in the heart of any seeker.

We always think about these things and do not know ourselves, our nature. In the Gita Shastra, the answers to all these questions have been given by Shri Bhagavan in an easy way through Dharma Samvad.

This body in which the 36 elements work together due to the presence of the soul, is called Kshetra and the soul resides in this area, he is the master of this body but there is also a third person, when it appears; Adhidaiva means destroying this body (Kshetra) of 36 elements and the soul (Kshetrajna) of the soul.

This perfect person is the ultimate state and the ultimate existence.

Not only this, the exact scientific and rational description of the movement of the soul while remaining in the body and leaving the body has been given in the Gita Shastra. The soul is eternal and the soul (Uttam Purush) has attained the spirit of the soul.

After the death of the body, the soul moves in different types according to its karma.

The Gita begins with the word Dharma and at the end of the eighteenth chapter of the Gita it is called Dharma Samvad.

Dharma means the possessor or that which is possessed. What is possessed is called soul and what is possessed is called Prakriti.

The soul is the seed of this world, that is, the father, and the nature is the womb, that is, the mother.

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