Big E Talks Sexual Assault And Harassment Outed Online By The #SpeakingOut Movement

Jitendra Jangir Sun Jul 05, 2020
Big E Talks Sexual Assault And Harassment Outed Online By The #SpeakingOut Movement
The current WWE SmackDown! Tag Team Champion has proven himself in the ring for years now, but it’s his ability to see the larger picture that will make you a fan for life

Big E talks to The Sports Bubble with Jensen Karp about the racial divide dominating our culture, the history of the black performer in wrestling, and what the industry is facing in the form of sexual assault and harassment outed online by the #SpeakingOut movement.

As we all know Big E tweeted out his support of the women coming forward. Big E was asked, If he was as surprised to see how just absolutely rotten to the core this business has kind of been last 15 years.

"Yeah, man, it's I guess I you know sadly enough I wasn't surprised", Big E added. "you hear some Whispers or have an understanding culture. I will say there was there wasn't any specific instance or rest of the knew that I saw and that I had like covered off or there wasn't anything that I knew of and just f*** my shoulders. That's why there wasn't anything that I would specifically aware of but it really really sad in me to see and disgusted me to see how Evelyn this was and I had to give my like hats off to you like a friend of mine actually was the one who started this all Victoria".

"She was brave enough to tell her story about David Starr and this all came out and then she emboldened a lot of women and even men to come out and talk about some of the things that they've experienced the way they were victimized in this industry and I think too often we as men when he Shrugged her shoulders or we said she's probably lying or we turn a blind eye. It's with and we hadn't given these victims the voice and the respect that they deserve and I think our industry can no longer tolerate what's going on. We can no longer tolerate rate with no longer tolerate sexual harassment".

"We can no longer shrug our shoulders and the way women have been victimized in an industry and I hope these stories I don't want to know that there are more stories of that. You know, I don't want that to be the case. I hope this is the end of it. I hope every woman gets an opportunity to speak her voice to be heard to be respected to not be dismissed. I hope all of the people who were guilty of this. I hope they're eradicated from the business. I hope they're arrested. I hope they're in prison. I hope it's a real turning point in our business and I hope that women are persecuted. I've already seen a lot of horrible comments from people, you know at a times. I think we have a great fan base, but I think you can also at times as a portion of it that can be very toxic".

Bie E continued to speak up, "I think the way it's Women the way it condones abusers and rapists. I think it's disgusting and the problem. I think one of the things that happens with a lot of these movements is that it causes a search and then a week or so later. It can be forgotten and I hope to God that's not the case the hope this is not forgotten. I hope it's something that we need to talk about that. we continue to clean up this industry that we continue to eradicate abusers rapist that we get them all out of this business that we have been prosecuted".

Because it's something that no woman or man. No one should ever be victimized or have I have to enjoy and seeing so many stories of kids people who are under age who came into the wrestling business and wanted to learn or to train and were victimized is really disgusting. It's abhorrent and I hope we continue to keep fighting this and to listen to and support Those Who come out who tell their horrible stories were brave enough to that. They get the support. They need that we don't condone these abusers".

"That we don't just say. Hey, it's okay to go to rehab and you can come back because that's not something that I'm interested in if it means that Justice is not something that we're trying to pursue your so I hope it's something we continue to talk about and continue to be open with and I'm glad these stories are being heard. I'm sorry that there are so many stories, but it's something that's important to speak out against and to show women that we support them and that we're going to do our best to investigate these out. Nations to get rid of these abusers and that we have been prosecuted", Big E said.

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