Big E Vs. Cesaro In A Stipulation Match, Cesaro Leads The Victory

Jitendra Jangir Sat Jul 18, 2020
Big E Vs. Cesaro In A Stipulation Match, Cesaro Leads The Victory
The winner of the match will get to chose a stipulation at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules as The New Day Vs. Cesaro & Nakamura for the SmackDown Tag-Team Champion match is official from now on. We kicked the things off with The New Day walking down into the ring, Cesaro accompanied by Nakamura. The bail rang as Big E slammed Big E to the turnbuckle, Big E took him out of the ring and drove Cesaro through he steel stairs, Big E grabbed and backed him into the ring, Big E with the effort for a big slam but went through the ring post.

Cesaro took control of Big E taking him apart from everywhere. Cesaro took the power into effect for the cover but kicked out, Cesaro went up for the jump but this time Big E with Back to back Belly-to-belly and then a big splash for the cover but kicked out. Big E with an uppercut, and made him lay down on the apron landing a big slam on the apron as we went for the commercial break.

Back on Friday Night SmackDown as Big E with Backbreaker, Cesaro stood at the top of the apron, Big E in the effort to dash him down, but Cesaro with Uppercut to take him back, Cesaro took the shots, Cesaro looked for the Sharpshooter, Nakamura flew over Kofi Kingstone outside of the ring, Big lift Cesro for the slam but Nakamura out of nowhere making the distraction with a punch and Cesaro with Neutralizer to win the match.

Winners : Cesro, Victory followed by pinfall

Cesaro and Nakamura were still there to attack Big E, they took Big E out of the ring, and laid him down on the table but Kofi Kingstone out of nowhere recusing Big E with suicide Dive. Big E and Kofi took Cesaro on the table and Kofi went up to the top of the apron but at the same time Nakamura came to rescue him.

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