Big Show Gives His Take On Drew McIntyre Vs. Randy Orton At SummerSlam

Jitendra Jangir Wed Aug 12, 2020
Big Show Gives His Take On Drew McIntyre Vs. Randy Orton At SummerSlam
Bret Hart joins the crew of WWE’s The Bump to dive deep on his incredible SummerSlam legacy, including his matches against The Undertaker, Owen Hart, The British Bulldog and more. Also stopping by the show are Matt Riddle, Big Show and comedian Gabriel Iglesias!.

While, appearing on WWE’s The Bump along with comedian Gabriel Iglesias!, Big provided an update on his match against Randy Orton a few weeks ago on Raw. Obviously The Big Show had your incident with Randy Orton a few weeks ago on Raw. The Big Show explains How is he feeling? And how would he assess his most recent stint on the red one of these days.

Big Show started off saying, "You know when I look at Randy Orton right now, he's never been better, you know, just where it is. Mine is his Promos in the rain. I don't think we've ever seen a better Randy Orton and we're seeing right now. It's like it's all come together with his talent and his intensity now is all come together everything. He's been through he's on fire right now as far as me. I mean, yeah, I got kicked in the head. It was a good shot, but you know, I'm a giant it's going Like a lot more than a Kick in the head to put me out or put me in retirement father times that was doing a great job of that already. So we're good."

As we know it's gonna be Randy Orton Vs. Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam for The WWE Title match. The Big Show has been in the ring with both Drew and Randy since WrestleMania. The Big Show describes How does he look at their Summer Slam match? and how would he break that down for only less than two weeks away?

The Big Show added, "I think that would break down to incredible athletes that are at the Peak Performance of their careers. Randy Orton is firing on all cylinders has never been better his execution has preparation his mindset. The execution is just off the charts. Drew McIntyre has Literally gone through hell to get where he is a different kind of held in Randy.

He had to find himself prove himself the world overcome back and prove himself in WWE and rise to the top and he's doing an incredible job. I'm a big fan of Drew McIntyre is a champion and to be honest with you if I had to call this match and a lot of matches you can kind of pick one guy or the other.

You can't really call this one because this is one of those really unique instances from both guys are or the peak of their competition the top of their game, and this should be one incredible SummerSlam. I'm looking forward to watching it but on the inside do I have a favorite? I got a lot of love for Drew McIntyre and I've known Randy since he was a kid,. So there's there's mixed emotions there. I just I think we'll find out at SummerSlam whose plan works the best.

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