Big Update On Elias Competing Against Baron Corbin At WrestleMania 36

Jitendra Jangir Thu Apr 02, 2020
Big Update On Elias Competing Against Baron Corbin At WrestleMania 36
Welcome to Anfostar)-As we saw how Baron Corbin came to interrupt Elias while he was high above the stage. Baron Corbin threw him down which caused him a sure injury and Elias was taken To Medical Facility later for the treatment.

There were suspects over Elias that he maybe join this year's WrestleMania against Baron Corbin, but he cleared out everything when he posted a video on Twitter to provide WrestleMania update.

He said "considering the everything that happened to me last week on SmackDown, I am lucky to be walking right now, I am lucky, that I do not have any more broken bones, and I am lucky that I'm now set and let me get out for little bit fresh air...doing this time." He added. "So, that says I am a lucky man, but I don't know if I am gonna be allowed to compete at WrestleMania".

He said "There is Something that is out of my control but I am trying to in my control to make that happen and as for Baron Corbin all, I would like to say that I would never bow down to a false king and that's exactly what you are!!. There is the only true king of the WWE in people are knowing me that every single they scream walk with Elias. So, despite what's everything going on in the world, despite to tend to end my carer it will be the end of the days and there is new king coming and when I take that crown off your head I got a perfect song that day."

Below you can watch the full video from Elias.

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