Booker T Presents His Thought On Asuka Vs. Kairi Sane, Loser Leaves Town Retired

Jitendra Jangir Fri Jul 31, 2020
Booker T Presents His Thought On Asuka Vs. Kairi Sane, Loser Leaves Town Retired
As we know Kairi Sane is off, she left the WWE and she is no longer part of the company and to back to japan possibly in order to spend her further life her husband.

A great many WWE superstars A great many WWE superstars are using their social media to pay the tribute to Kairi Sane. Booker T spoke on his Reality Of Wrestling YouTube Channel that He is a little sad hearing that Kairi Sane has left the company.

Booker T added that Kairi Sane was the one who Made My Son a Wrestling Fan.

Booker T stated, "She is the reason My-my son. Nine-year-old kid Kendrick. I took him to the NXT show here in Houston Downtown. I don't know maybe three years ago and, I was it was the first time he ever gone to a Wrestling show with me just him and I outside of WrestleMania or anything like that and I tell you, man, when Kari Sane came up insane pirate with that pirates will you know, yeah. I tell you Kendrick, he was over the top because not only did she look cool with the channel all-white that night like a little queen or something that my son was like wow! She looks good. It did she got the ring and she start working by some was really going crazy to get you did that elbow up the top rope and I'll be he became an instant and Kairi came back in the locker room."

"It's better that I swear man ever since that days been like hooked on professional wrestling. I mean right now he knows every wrestler ever arrest was named every wrestling moves. one of the accommodates on a regular basis even when yeah then to see her leave man, I think it's it's a huge loss just because I really think I re saying could have been a just as big a star or even bigger than Asuka represent Japan so it It's a huge loss, I think as far as WWE goes."

"I see One of the comments that just came here from Viking Tease I just want to put this out there. That's really good thought Man. I wish I would have came up with the idea of Asuka Vs. Kairi loser leaves town retired. That would be great. That would have been some really really good-looking right there for me to see you know, that you know those two and eyes and in the reason is whatever and the loser leaves the WWE and go home, Go back to Japan. Oh, man that that that's a great absolutely great storyline."

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