Booker T Presents His Thought On The MVP Of Monday Night Raw

Jitendra Jangir Wed Aug 12, 2020
Booker T Presents His Thought On The MVP Of Monday Night Raw
Booker T cathed up with Brad Gilmore on the Reality Of Wrestling YouTube Channel. Booker T was short enough presenting his thoughts on Who’s Been The Most Valuable Player in the 'Quarantine Era'?.

Brad Gilmore got Booker T in asking that, "They asked a question earlier today. That's a lot of people commenting on I want to get your reaction to it who has been in your opinion for Monday Night Raw the MVP of the quarantine era to you at all the people who we've seen kind of come and go during this quarantine era."

Booker added, "Well right now I think you know, even though it's been a short time. I think MVP and HeartClub["Hurt Bussiness," Brad Gilmore currents it], I think those guys think MVP has made a bigger Splash in the COVID error just because of he's been going out and Create some really really good drama and not having to do anything to create it other than just go out and speak and talk.

You know, I go, you know, he's making me remember everything is hope I remember honestly, I think I remember this career so much more than I did his first career. Yeah, I agree and I'm not saying that just because I really feel like this diabetes. He's in a Groove and if I had to give it to anybody would be him, to be honest yet."

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