Booker T Reacts On Keith Lee Winning The NXT Championship

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jul 14, 2020
Booker T Reacts On Keith Lee Winning The NXT Championship
Keith Lee got plenty of applauds after winning NXT Championship at The Great American Bas show. With his win over Adam Cole, made him the first-ever Double Champion in NXT having been captured North American Championship and NXT Championship.

Multiple SUperstars took to their social media and praised Keith on becoming the double champion. Booker T on his Reality of Wrestling YouTube, explained over Keith Lee Winning the NXT Championship.

Booker T added, "Before we even move it further man Great American bash went down last week and I must congratulate Keith Lee the new NXT as well as the North American Trade champion mayonnaise trainer. I've just passed away a couple weeks ago kill. Jim Brooks a guy that I got a chance to mix it up with the guy that taught me so much, you know, just getting in the ring and working with them. Just one time. I could only imagine how he Keith Lee feels right now man crashing it that glass ceiling man is something every one of us, you know, hope to do in this business is being looked at is it's the elite as you know, literally the upperclassmen in the business and this guy Keith Lee He's one of those guys you look at him and say, man, you know what this guy's man, he's good, you know, and he did he look at me Co-op".

"This guy's really good. He's special. It is so many different ways of a lot of it understand the understandably guys. You got to be got to really understand this, a lot of it don't have anything to do with his talent in the ring, that's what makes the literally the true champion the guy that literally plays it on both sides of the field offense and defense Keith Lee is that type of guy that goes out of play in the ring as well as out of the ring".

"You think he was a scholar or something like that so well matters he is so intelligent and for him to actually, you know, go out there make you think that he's a beast, you know to me. It's something that you need something that candy so I give keep Lee you know that the highest praise been highest props for going out there doing that and then extend then I'm sure he's gonna move on to the main roster and skies going to do big things. As I've been I've been waiting on keep Lee I've been waiting on a guy like this to come around for me as a black man the same man, you know, the brother Stewart, you know, he's doing it. He's doing it big. So again keep Lee the North America. That's well as the new NXT champion man Big Ups, Brother Big Ups. Yep".

Keith Lee is scheduled to face off plenty of phenomenal Superstar, more importantly, a one-on-one with Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar.

A few days ago Roman Reigns also demanded a one-on-one with Keith Lee.

Booker T added, "he really truly couldn't have learned under a better guy than killer Jim Brooks Man. I'm The Dirty White Boy Manny didn't call it that but nothing that he was definitely old school you would think he was the kid that he would think he was the person that he was playing inside the squared Circle and that's what you know, true wrestlers are man, They find you know, that that blueprint what they supposed to go out there and doing then they become that it literally they embody it".

He went on to say, "That's what a lot of wrestlers are about, They have a lot of problems with this. I was talking about John Cena just last week as far as how this guy would go out and really take control of the situation and what was going on out there and it's very very small the fans watching it. They don't a lot of time they may not understand it, but they feel. At the end of the match, they going crazy just think that you felt a certain way about him at the beginning of the match".

He spoke, "There is a person that's going out there and putting in a lot of work something similar to the same God-man. So putting in the work is the only way you really going to make it to that next level and it really be able to hold onto it because you know, how good you are but you would you get to that point and you know, how good you are right now? We're what I watch Keith Lee, Go out and perform Man I'ma tell you that match but it was without him cold'.

"Well, what I notice about the big man is as always teach big man, man. You got to know how to go out there, you know, take yourself out of the game. Sometimes, you know, if he is the best at going out there putting himself in a position to put himself out of position to make that guy to these workers would look so good if you want to know what that needs put yourself in position to put yourself out of position".

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