Booker T Reacts To Matt Riddle's SmackDown Debut

Jitendra Jangir Wed Jul 01, 2020
Booker T Reacts To Matt Riddle's SmackDown Debut
The segment from 'The Hall of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore' brought the talk about Matt Riddle's SmackDown Debut even with that of the victory over AJ Styles the top guy.

"I didn't like it", Booker T said. You know, I didn't like it just because it wasn't going anywhere, which is you don't need to get out to understand the rub. Okay. I do understand the rub guys get the wrong, you know giving the ring with this, you getaway in a boom it automatically, you know, put you in the conversation it automatically".

He further said, "Yeah exactly, you know what I mean,? But that was a little bit different. The things were real and AJ Styles, I would have loved to have seen war was going I would love to have had a backdrop to it., Um leading to something other than---just coming in and getting the win over age ages ago. Definitely top billing ages guy who's earned that position. Nothing has been given to AJ Styles since coming to WWE. He's the guy that was a lot of people doubted AJ Styles could make it in the WWE".

"But he's prove everyone wrong riddle coming in riddle giving a rub. Like I said, I'm not against that. I just don't I just didn't like the way it was done with AJ Styles a guy. That's so hot right now, even though they just going to be looked at as one of those guys. To be able to go out there and make stars get guys old guys in certain positions just because he's such a great worker AJ Styles a loss to him for AJ Styles is nothing No One's Gonna remember it AJ and myself parallel those same lines. I never cared if I got beat because I was going to go out there and do something next week to make you forget all about it inside Square Circle".

"We're going to see how that riddle pins out and I hope that riddle, you know, make it on the main roster, but and I also hope you get a pair of boots sometime within the next 365 days", Booker T said this.

When asked about Kevin Owens first came into WWE as the NXT champion. May he made that Raw debut and he powerbomb John Cena and it sets up their match and John Cena ends up losing to Kevin Owens on paper. Isn't that a similar thing? How are the two different if at all?

Booker T reacted "we'll just end it was in a position in his career to war. He was getting ready to make a move and do other things to break. Kevin Owens what he wasn't nothing against Matt Riddle anything but Kevin Owens had made a name out there on the circuit for many many years. We all knew how good Kevin Owens was and he is and then for someone like John Cena to say, hey, man, I'm gonna give you the rub. I'm gonna put you a position that no one else can put you in that...that was a little bit different but somewhat to say at the same time".

"So like I say taking nothing away from the wind that Matt Riddle got the law instead AJ Styles got on his record. No one's going to remember that or anything like that, but from here on out. That rub is gonna have to go out there and do the same thing. AJ Styles did when he first got the WWE and that was go out there and earn it by going out there and performing each and every night still in the show. Wondering if them suckers in the back can go out there and follow that and did next week".

"I'm gonna do the same thing it did. I might be overseas not before all the way back just because somebody else can't show up and go out there before at the highest level. That's the kind of guy AJ Styles, is it hopefully that Riddle rises to the occasion and become one of those guys in the locker room that will see one day giving someone the rules".

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