Booker T Talks About #Speakingout Movement

Jitendra Jangir Wed Jun 24, 2020
Booker T Talks About #Speakingout Movement
On The Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T talked about the ongoing #Speakingout movement which is spreading all over the world. Many young girls have come into the light to reignite their harassment stories.

Booker T said, "Course, we have the black lives matter movement going on. You know, we have you now, you know professional wrestling the past tag speak out with a lot of ladies coming out and telling their stories and I thought it was really really important for us to talk about this because I have a wrestling school and I produce a lot of young girls. It's trying to get into this business and I always talked all about situations like this, you know normally, you know, my girls that's been around me long enough and it get a chance to you know, perhaps make it to the next level always try to have that talk with them. It's almost like you're having you know top of my son".

"Yeah, come to Speech but to keep these young ladies to speech and now to hear about all of the turmoil that they have been having to go through. Just trying to be a part of this business of the professional wrestling and never and never really doubt wondered how deep it was until now when you hear it, of course, you might say yeah, of course, something's going on. Yeah, you know, you know boys are gonna be boys, you know, I mean, but in a situation like this when you hear it, it makes you feel a certain way for me. remember talk to one of my students and I say you gotta understand when you go up there, man. You gotta you good-looking girl and one of those guys to go to want to get with you and I say that's not what you really want to be focusing at right now because booming can happen just like that. I say if you go there and the promoter the booker, you know".

"if they're not treating you the way I treat you you need to go talk to someone to tell somebody something say because you know, you know how you get treated around me. There's a hug, you know when you leave come in, I love when you leave and boom, you know, that's it. You know what I mean, but it ain't gonna be no Shenanigans. It's for as me as your Mentor goes me as your trainer your Sensei person that you look up to and to hear some of the stories".

"I'm just like from a Jordan Grace, you know, she's come through the reality of wrestling. I get good, you know, Roxy one of our finest to hear some of their stories with some buddies come buckets out there. It really disturbs me and hopefully by them coming out,. We'll really it the bulk of scum that that that lot of blood on that they be talking about. like I said, I stand behind all the ladies to sew this coming out and speaking out against a young girl".

" You know, she came to me when she was like a little bitty kid like 15 years old something like that James Angela, you know, call a QA and now she's finally moving up and I'm she's getting a chance to get out there and go around the country and she's still a little girl, you know, as far as I'm concerned. She's like not like my daughter and I can only imagine you".

"What are you scums, you know hitting on her when I know what herp True Heart, you know bleeds and that's going out there performing and being part of the business, but then you have some 14 years old trying to manipulate, you know, some young kid, and and and the thing is sometimes you know when you when you're that young you to keep your mouth shut you might feel embarrassed. because of someone else obvious something where you might feel that way and I just I just appreciate it and hope I've been I've been seeing it, you know from a lot of the locker room leaders guys saying hey, you know, we're with you".

"It's a lot of Roman Reigns in those locker rooms, you know guys who got some Integrity. This guy's got that's got some morals about themselves guys. Just going to oversee the rest of the guys came oversee themselves, you know, I mean, so hopefully every guy every man like you say not the boys, you know what I mean the boys get kissed a on their Play Stations playing their video game, but hopefully some of the men in that locker room that no, you know what I mean? Because one thing about the boys they know there's a story that came out by think it was Missy hide and one day one of the older ladies and I were talking about how women back in back in the day used to get H ball and as a it was call up was appealed was called Halcyon.

" Well, you know, they used to slip it to the women and next thing, you know, they go to sleep and men have their way with and I've heard those stories. I've heard those stories, but now and 2020 those stories are going to come to light and people go to be". Opposed it and hopefully they will lose their job and more than anything their integrity their name their Fame everything that goes along with it".

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