Brandi Rhodes Reveals On Deactivating Twitter Account

Jitendra Jangir Fri Aug 14, 2020
Brandi Rhodes Reveals On Deactivating Twitter Account
AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes deactivated her Twitter account last week.

Brandi Rhodes joined TVInsider when she explained on why she deactivated her Twitter account.

Brandi Rhodes made the following statement, "I just think that right now there are other things that need my attention a lot more. I’m focusing on “Heels,” which Friday we had our first member's based event. It was extremely successful. It’s nice to come together in a community of women that really appreciated it and enjoyed it.

We had a really great time on Friday night. It was nice to put my energy into that. My energy is also going into the “Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament”...It has been a really nice weekend to put all my time and energy into what I want to be focusing on right now."

You can click at this link to have more Interview talks with Brandi Rhodes.

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