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Braun Strowman Showcases His Dominance By Flipping Over Van With Miz & Morrison Inside

Updated On: Sat Jun 06, 2020 By Jitendra Jangir


No one is able to get those hands on the monster among men. However, The Miz and Morrison tired to so but instead got those massive hands by Braun Stroman. The Miz & Morrison barded once to be locked in the Van but they did not know the hell they facing up who could even turn over the bus barley with his hands.

We found The Miz and Morrison were in the parking lot in a ven having a watch on Braun Stroman who just reached there.

The Miz and Morrison continued to chase Braun Stroman backstage, Braun Stroman went on to open the cane and had it right on his face.

Later, Kayla Braxton was backstage with Braun for the interview, Braun Strowman explained the current situation with The Miz and Morrison while they were watching from the ven, they had a controller with this they had the color coming out from above to Kayla Braxton instead of Braun Strowman. Kayla Braxton had her completely covered with color. Kayla Braxton left from there.

We once again found The Miz and Morrison were in the parking lot to make the same spy on Braun Stroman, this time they had Braun's car for the destruction, The Miz and Morrison landed some shots of stick-on Braun's car.

Braun Stroman walked down to the parking lot where he spotted his car dumbed away. Braun Stroman asked the person to tell the address of The Miz and Morrison. He finally referred to the ven. Braun was unable to bring them out because the Ven was locked. The Miz and Morrison were happy about it. But soon, Braun Stroman would turn down the ven with his power.

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Image Credit: WWE

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