Braun Strowman Vs. Bray Wyatt In A Wyatt Swamp Fight, Bray Wyatt Emerges Out As The Winner

Jitendra Jangir Mon Jul 20, 2020
Braun Strowman Vs. Bray Wyatt In A Wyatt Swamp Fight,  Bray Wyatt Emerges Out As The Winner
Cole leads us to the Swamp fight from the enclosed location, Bray awaited Braun sitting on the chair. Braun Storman made his way in the car. They both stared down each other, we saw Braun Strowman saying I am back home. Braun Wyatt suddenly escaped from there. Braun Strowman threw the chair out on the rampage.

Braun Strowman got hit from the back by a person looking like Braun in the shape. We see Braun got up, and found himself handcuffed with Shaklee. Bray Wyatt headed towards him with that Lantern. Bray Wyatt says, "welcome home Braun", Bray Wyatt had some trash-talking.

Bray Wyatt insisted Braun into joining his crew, but Braun Strowman went on to resist it. Bray Wyatt came up with a snake, and made it bite to Braun. Bray Wyatt went off from there. We saw Braun getting as the fire was firing on there. Suddenly, an unknown person came up to attack Braun, we see Braun landing rough shots and made flee from there, while, he was covered with the fire. We looked to have Alexa Bliss in the concern, apparently making the distraction for Braun.

Bray Wyatt appeared out of nowhere attacking Braun from behind. Instead, Braun caught sending Bray Wyatt on to the boat. Braun spot a boat coming through the swamp. He went down in the swamp to look at what the boat has got. Suddenly, Bray Wyatt with an attack from behind with a stick, and then went on to drown in the water. Braun somehow got out of it. Bray Watt continued to make the fight up with steel chairs. Braun suddenly, turned into the outrage, going back and forth. Braun Says "it's over".

Bray Wyatt out of nowhere, dragging Braun into the water, we see the water went red as Wyatt laughed in The Fiend look as well as saying let me in.

Winner : Bray Wyatt, victory followed by pinfall

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