Braun Strowman Vs. Bray Wyatt To Happen In A Swamp Fight At Extreme Rules

Jitendra Jangir Sat Jun 27, 2020
Braun Strowman Vs. Bray Wyatt To Happen In A Swamp Fight At Extreme Rules
WWE announced that The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules will become even more terrifying when Universal Champion Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt meet in a non-title Wyatt Swamp Fight.

The announcement took place during tonight's SmackDown Show when Braun Strowman had some words for Bray Wyatt.

I want to tell you about when I first met Bray Wyatt and for the first time in my life, I shall see here. I'm not talking about the bump in the night when you're a child fear. I'm talking about the type of fear, and they say here on the back of your neck stand up that gives you that feeling down in the pit of your stomach that something is wrong that type of fear.

And makes a grown man tremble. Now one night. We're sitting on the edge of that disgusting swamp braised Lantern glistening in the dark as I looked towards the water a water moccasin started to slide out of the water slithering directly towards braised Lantern. as I noticed this I jumped up in a quick wanted to stop it to death of brace. Stop me. He said no no, no, no. That's my friend. I was confused as I watch Bray Wyatt walk towards this snake. He knelt down. It'll last out in a bit Brave right in the face and all he did.

presence of evil you seek is Bray Wyatt in get poisoned by this snake. He didn't bleed. He didn't even Flinch when it bit him in the face. All he did. was laugh. At that moment. I knew Bray Wyatt was the Devil Himself and that's when I realize Bray Wyatt was the sermon I was overcome with emotion enamored at this feat that I just witnessed and I couldn't help it. And so I started doing the devil's work and the bad part about it all myI loved every second and you see.

parts of me still do I've done everything in my power and being to lock that side of me away in a place in the back of my mind where I thought I could forget about it, but he calls for me. And you know Bray, I can't go on living like this. So what do you say? What do you say we go back to the swamp to that irian miserable hell you call home, you know, there's only two ways. This is gonna turn out Brave. I keep thinking and thinking and thinking.

I'm either going to come out of this the most evil son of a b** this Earth has ever seen. Well. I'm coming out with a satisfaction that I spit in the devil's face and I ripped him limb from limb, and I stopped on his chest till every rivet his body broke then I'm going to drag you into the swamp and let the alligators finish. What do you say pray?.

Braun Strowman led us to the past memories that he spent with Bray Wyatt. He made the laughter and left the ring.

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