Breaking News: Bobby Lashley Demands A Divorce From Lana

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 16, 2020
Breaking News: Bobby Lashley Demands A Divorce From Lana
There was no doubt that Bobby Lashley is furious and Lana finished after what we witnessed at WWE Backlash. We predicted that Tonight We surely get to see a turmoil getting place between Lana and Bobby Lashey. A few ago it was being rumored that Bobby Lashley is gonna have the divorce with Lana. So, might be notable this Raw. and Now, Bobby has made it clear.

We were back into the ring with Bobby Lashley and MVP into her ing to face off R-Truth and Drew McIntyre in a Tag-Team match. They entered the ring. MVP had something to say about last night's WWE Backlash.

He went on to blam Lana for Bobby Lashley's loss to Drew McIntyre and called to her out to have the summary on it. Lana entered the ring and she even blamed MVP the man behind the loss. Lana told him to show her some respect when he talks to her because she is a woman.

Lana said they were on a hot streak, what happened?. Bobby Lashley meanwhile, called Lana to have the divorce. Lashley asked when was the last time she laced up her boots, or did anything that wasn't for likes on social media. He's sick and tired of her putting their private life on social media.

He said Lana if she wanted to use her sex life for fame she would've slept with someone actually famous she put their sex tape out there so she could become someone famous. Maybe it would be Drew? Bobby interrupted and called Lana to have the divorce They left off the ring while, Lana was still in the ring in the shock.

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