Bret Reveals, His First Match Against Mr. Perfect Didn't Really Pulled Off

Jitendra Jangir Wed Aug 12, 2020
Bret Reveals, His First Match Against Mr. Perfect Didn't Really Pulled Off
Bret Hart Vs. Mr. Perfect (c) (with The Coach) happened at SummerSlam 1991 in a Singles match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

Bret Hart joins the crew of WWE’s The Bump to dive deep on his incredible SummerSlam legacy, including his matches against Mr. Perfect [Curt Hennig]. At SummerSlam 91 There was no world title match. We had a handicap match. We had Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth with the wedding. Bret Explains if he and Mr. Perfect went into their Intercontinental Championship match with the thought of we can steal this show from an in-ring perspective.

Bret Hart kicked off saying, "Well, I'll be honest, I think. It didn't matter who was on the card that they we were going to steal the show a weeping. Curt and I have had so many great matches in the years before SummerSlam and I would dare say that probably a lot of other matches were better than anything. We did at SummerSlam, but when summers in came Curt had a lot of back problems that were alien pretty good and he really wanted to have that match so I know he said we acquired it when he heard he was going to wrestle me.

He wanted to no matter what happened. He was going to be there for me, but he couldn't really trained really are going into the match is cardio might not have been what he wanted it to be but he still showed up and and even with whatever hindrances we might have had we were going to still have the best match on the card. There was nobody died only as anybody in the business. I could have talked us that day where I want."

Bret mentioned he was in there with Curt. So many times chemistry is a thing that takes time to build obviously. Bret explains on Did he encourage us always have it right away, or was there a process to get to what we would see in matches like with the two of them had at SummerSlam 91.

Bret added, "I don't know what it was or what it is sometimes with wrestling but my very very first match like, you know when we heard about that we were going to wrestle each other. I mean all the rest of this got excited was one of those kind of matches the very first time we ever stepped in the ring all the rest of this came out of the dressing room to watch it. Like they all we were talking about it for months and months think they can't wait to watch me wrestle Cut and the first match that we had.

I'm thinking of might have been Philadelphia, I might be in Toronto who I know we've had one match. And it just wasn't what we wanted to be and I don't know what was wrong with it and why it wasn't then come off within get the reactions. We didn't have the timing. And we were both really disappointed with them first match and I do remember talking to Curt the dresser of and we didn't really say much to each other. We just kind of knew it was kind of flat and maybe it was because the first it was the first day back on a tour.

I was like the first day back of the tour after WrestleMania, so we had a few weeks off. I was just something wasn't quite right with the first match, but then we wrestled the next night again the saying that say in a similar situation the tonight in the next day the next night but that first match was the only match that didn't come off very well and the next day. I remember we didn't talk. We didn't we didn't change anything. We just just kind of said let's try the same thing again and see what happens and we never had a bad match after that.

I think we always had a great chemistry, and I know that Curt, you know, I think he'd always helped that Like I was his best opponent and vice versa and we had a very special relationship all the years that we worked and I know for SummerSlam when he was hurt and wasn't sure if he can even make it he he was like see all ball will be there for sure. We'll be there to I want to wrestle he wanted to wrestle me so bad and I think stage with SummerSlam and that was the turning point for me was my first big next to Rowdy was my next big moving on my biggest match before Rowdy so that would have been my biggest match of my career."

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