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Brock Lesner Snap Victory Over Ricochet On WWE Super ShowDown

Updated On: Thu Feb 27, 2020 By Anfostar Team


Welcome to Anfostar_ If the rumor is to be believed, this match was going to be different and was a proving match for Ricochet in which he was going to fight for the championship match against Brock Lesner but Ricochet was looked like a weak wrestler in front of Brock.

Ricochet entered the ring for the most anticipated match against WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, he looked towards the stage to search for the beast and finally he made the way to the ring with Paul Heyman.

The Bail rang and they both were introduced for their match for WWE Championship. Lesnar was staring at Brock Lesnar, Ricochet tried to hit Brock hit the Drop Kick and then back to back German Superflex, Brock went for the third German Suplex and the finally he invented F5 on Ricochet to win the match.

Super Showdown Brock Lesner Ricochet

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