CM Punk On Ronda Rousey's Controversial Comments: 'Fake Fights For Fun'

Jitendra Jangir Wed Apr 15, 2020
CM Punk On Ronda Rousey's Controversial Comments: 'Fake Fights For Fun'
Renee Young, CM Punk, Booker T, and Christian discuss the severity of Ronda Rousey's controversial comments regarding the realness of professional wrestling. The Backstage crew debate whether it is ultimately good or bad for the business.

p>Recently, Ronda Rousey was up the On the latest episode of the “Wild Ride! with Steve-O” podcast where replied an unwanted answer which led some of the WWE superstars to reply her quickly on social media.

Later Ronda Rousey made the answer fire for the fans replying that "what am I doing it for if I’m not being able to spend my time and energy on my family, but instead spending my time and my energy on a bunch of f*cking ungrateful fans that don’t even appreciate me? I love performing. I love girls".

She said "I love being out there … but, at the end of the day, I was just like, ‘F*ck these fans, dude.’ My family loves me and they appreciate me and I want all my energy to go into them. So that was my decision at the end of the day. It’s like, ‘Hey girls. Love what you’re doing".

"I’m gonna try and take all my momentum and push you guys as far as I can … fly little birds, fly! I’m going f*cking home!’ And that was basically it.”

Now, kind of unwanted answer was first replied by Lana who said replying to Pro Wrestling Sheet that "I have NO WORDS for her audacity to save “fake fighting” !!!!!! If it’s fake why can’t @RealPaigeWWE JT Wilson can’t wrestle anymore ?? If it is fake why couldn’t @EdgeRatedR wrestle for 11 years ???? This is a contact sport where REAL things happen!"

Nia Jax was also up to reply to her that "SHe wants to knock The fu**k out Ronda Rousy!! if she ever returns to WWE".

"I can’t wait for Ronda 2 one day return 2 WWE. Even if WWE orders me to make Ronda look good in the ring, which is the ONLY way for Ronda 2 look good in the ring w/me. I’ll risk my job 2 go down in history as the one from this biz that knocked her the Fu**Kout! #TestMeBitch" tweeted Nia Jax.

When asked to CM Punk, he said Punk "Rousey is doing her job, he loves it it's pure chaos, Fun to see people bite on it, and it'll be fun whether it's real or not. Punk said wrestling is best when the lines are blurred. We also saw Booker T commenting to say that "We embraced her after two catastrophic losses...and I think she should apologize because it is a slap in the face to every woman in that locker room, including yourself Renee Young.

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