Candy Cartwright Comes Forward With More Evidences Against Matt Riddle

Jitendra Jangir Sun Jul 05, 2020
Candy Cartwright Comes Forward With More Evidences Against Matt Riddle
Recently, WWE NXT Superstar Ligero and Jordan Devlin were accused of abusing the women, and there was another claim on Matt Riddle who has been accused of sexually assaulting a pro-wrestler named Candy Cartwright.

Later, Matt Riddle brought out released a statement through his lawyers and was being represented by attorney David J. Rose who is the Attorney and counselor at law.

Matt Riddle showed-up a press released a statement through his lawyers. The statement from Press release affirms that The allegations by this independent female performer are completely false and another attempt to harass and humiliate Mr. and Mrs. Riddle and to try to tarnish their reputation in the community.

Now, a few hours ago Matt Riddle is once again covered With More Evidence Against Him accused by the same accuser named Candy Cartwright.

She came forward with more evidences. Candy Cartwright posted a photo of her and Matt smiling next to one another, as well another photo of them kissing one another that has the date "May 19, 2019" above it.

She wrote, "This is crazy. It’s been two weeks and I’m still getting hate messages/threats and seeing stuff like this. If I’ve been “stalking for years” then why is this from 2019? This was also taken after I went to see him on an nxt loop and he got me tickets to two shows...".

Below is the full tweet.

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Image Credit: WWE

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