Charlotte FLair & Asuka Vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley Vs. The IIconics Full Recap(Jun, 8, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 09, 2020
Charlotte FLair & Asuka Vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley Vs. The IIconics Full Recap(Jun, 8, 2020)
We kicked the things off with The Raw Women's Champion Asuka for her match against Charlotte Flair. Sasha Banks and Bayley made her way to the ring instead of Charlotte Flair, Asuka was surprised to see them in the ring. They had the mics. The trainees started booing over them. Bayley made them shut bragging to be the champions. Bayley said "last week we defeated Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross for the Tag-Team Women's Titles. They went make to flaunt about being the champions.

The music interrupted and we saw Charlotte Flair walking down to the ring. Charlotte Flair urges them to go out so Asuka and she can have the match.

The IIconic also made the way to the ring, now they had the trash talking. Asuka said them to go out. Charlotte Flair called Bayley and Sasha Bank a trash and they attacked Charlotte Flair listening to this. The IIconics also attacked Asuka. Charlotte Flair and Asuka swept up everyone from the ring. They stood tall in the ring for their matchup. After the break, we saw all the superstars fighting at the middle of the ring. WWE turned it into a Tag-Team Triple Threat Match

Tag-Team Triple Threat Match

Charlotte FLair & Asuka Vs. Sasha Bnak & Bayley Vs. The IIconics

Sasha Bank and Royce kicked the things off as for the first, Sasha Bank ran rough on Royce and then took down Asuka from the apron who were standing there for the tag. Sasha Bank made the tag with Bayley, Royce also let Kay come into the ring with the tag. Kay landed the few kicks but could continue the damages as Bayley had her way for the kicks.

Kay made the tag with Charlotte Flair, she waved her hand in order to seduce Asuka for the tag but she did not do so as the walked away from the tag. Charlotte Flair took Bayley to the turnbuckle to ambush her. Charlotte Flair looked for the running shot where Asuka tapped from behind to have the tag. Charlotte Flair argued with her. Asuka continued to make send them black and blue.

Commercial Break**

Back from the break we saw The IIconics taking the rough shots on Asuka, Charlotte Flair had the tag. Charlotte Flair with a right hand and ran in the act to make damages on The IIconics but Asuka had the tag with the same way she did it at the beginning. Asuka with some shots, Charlotte with the same made the tag way with Asuka.

Charlotte Flair went atop to the turnbuckle for the jump but she was tagged by Asuka while, Charlotte Flair was still atop, Asuka with Asuka lock to win the match.

Winners: Charlotte FLair & Asuka, via pinfall

After the match, Asuka raised her hands out to make the celebration, Charlotte FLair also joined Asuka, Charlotte Flair head towards out of the ring but suddenly, turned to blow Asuka with a shot. Charlotte Flair took the title in her hands and bragged over Asuka.

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