Charlotte Flair About Her Matchup With Liv Morgan On Raw

Jitendra Jangir Tue May 05, 2020
Charlotte Flair About Her Matchup With Liv Morgan On Raw
Recently, On Raw Charlotte Flair entered the ring. she had some talk regarding the title defence against Io. Meanwhile, she was called out by Liv Morgan for a match. Liv Morgan took everything she could possibly put in through which as well as reminded Charlotte Flair that she should not have taken her match Lighlty with Liv Morgan, but Liv made her a believer tonight. So tough. and Charlotte also noted that she would not go making the same mistake against Io Sharai Wednesday.

"Two days from facing Io Sharai, and I hadn’t planned on facing Liv...Maybe I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have, but Liv made me a believer tonight. So tough. Io, do not think for a second that I’ll make that same mistake Wednesday", Charlotte Flair tweeted this.

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